Bright and Sunny Day Rock


Bright and Sunny Day Rock was inspired by my youngest son's prayers as a child.  We would have Bible study and prayer time as a family each day and ended with everyone taking part in our prayers.  For the longest time, our youngest would always as for a "bright and sunny day".  Wearing my "over zealous" parent hat, I hoped he would one day learn to pray about more important things but God had a different path for my heart.  Instead, I learned that praying for a "bright and sunny" day was important.  I learned that  God is my bright and sunny and I always wanted to feel His warmth.  "...receive the kingdom of God like a little child... Mark 10:15).  PS.  I know my youngest son who is a father now himself, still prays for a bright and sunny day!  This rock is about 5 inches and nature's version of round.  It is handprinted in bright and beautiful shades of yellow.